Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Further Proof Sather Must Go

Adam Gretz at Fanhouse disagrees that a team can't commit large chunks of money to a few players and still build a competitive team in the salary cap era by stating 11 of the 16 playoff teams had at least 45% of their salary cap commitments tied up in their top-five players.

Unfortunately, the Rangers, who are tied for tops in the league with 58% in their top-five players, are the anomaly...

"The top six includes three of this year's final four (San Jose, Philadelphia and Montreal), as well as the two teams (Pittsburgh and Detroit) that played in the previous two Stanley Cup Final. The New York Rangers, a team that's made some questionable -- and bizarre -- investments the past couple of years, are obviously the outlier of the group."

...if this article isn't example #1 as to why Sather should be fired I don't know what is.


Juan Valencia said...


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Kevin DeLury said...

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