Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rangers Promised MZA Spot on Top Line With Gaborik

David Jigland at reports that Detroit Red Wings Director of European Scouting Hakan Andersson says the reason the Rangers were able to sign Mats Zuccarella Aason was a promise that he'd play on a line with Marian Gaborik...

"I was hoping he would sign for us but from what I understand he is ready for the New York Rangers. I do not know what it fell on but I know he has good contact with the (New York Rangers scout) Anders Hedberg past and the promise that maybe he would play in the first chain with Marian Gaborik."

...not sure how true this report is but i love the business tactics by the Rangers. Do whatever you need to close the deal. Now that's he's signed, Torts will tell him where to play and he'll have no choice but to be happy.


JoeR said...

Frankly, I would rather see him on a 2nd line with Prust (who can protect him) and Anisimov at center. If all 3 of those guys step up, it could be a genuine scoring threat on our 2nd line - what a concept!

Andrew_794 said...

im sure he'll be moved around all like to see a MZA/anismov/gabby line...might be too soft but i mean...after the carasoul of line changes last season, this one could make some sense? MZA and gabby have some speed, while ani is a big body

Kevin DeLury said...

MZA will need protection so being on a line with Prust makes sense. However, if this kid is legit putting him on a line with Gaborik may be to good to pass up.

theking said...

I hate when people like JoeR talks about hockey like its a battle. Lets be serious and think. This isn't war and the main skill is not combat. MZA does not need protection. It is silly when people say this player needs protection. MZA might be small but he is a man. No one is going to hurt him during the game illegally, its just not that kind of game anymore. So as long as he keeps his head up he will be fine. I guess you missed his highlight real but this guy has awesome hands and great finesse. You put him on a line with Prust they will not mesh. Prust plays completely different.

ahea said...

You look at any CUP-contending team, they have 2 lines that are a LEGITIMATE threat to score. (NO THAT DOESNT INCLUDE CHRISTENSEN OR JOKINEN), a 3rd line that can contribute and is tough to play against, and a 4th line that is tough and creates energy. With one more top-line center..the rangers have those 4 lines.

Avery-15 ___25___ Gaborik-40
Prospal-17 Dubinsky-22 Drury-20
Aasen-10 Anisimov-16 Callahan-23
Prust-6 Boyle-6 Shelley-2

This gives us around 205 goals from our top 12 forwards. On par with the best teams in the league.

ahea said...

PHILLY won the east with the lines of

Carcillo- Richards- Gagne
Hartnell- Carter- Briere
VanRiemsdyk- Leino Giroux
Powe Betts Laperriere

The Hawks, Sharks, Caps.... all have similar line combinations, and this has a very similar make up to a potential rangers lineup.

ONE MORE big time center and were set.... (with forwards ;) )

theking said...

I strongly disagree. The Rangers are far from the hawks, sharks, and caps. They are closer to the Flyers offense but I still give the Flyers the edge. Gaborik was great this year but look where he finished in points. He barely came in 10th. He is a great scorer but he is a very good passer. He just has great vision. If he had a center or winger on his line of his caliber, Gaborik would have easily been top 5 maybe top 3 in points. So I do agree with we need one more big time forward. But then there are guys like Cally and Dubi who seem to be stuck in a rut and cant make that next step. Then there is Drury who either needs to play for what he is worth or needs to be traded. I dont think we are anywhere near set for our offense. I am really hoping Anisimov has a breakout year. That would help tremendously with Cally and Dubi putting up career numbers also.

ahea said...

exactly, so what you are saying is that dubi and cally are secondary scorers... which is where they would be in my type of line up.

if dru contributes too then we are set.

ahea said...

also, if dubi didnt get injured/played a full 82 game season, he would have had almost 60 points-- not really in a rut in my book.

cally had another 20 goal season.

where is the "rut?" do we ranger fans expect more from these guys?