Sunday, October 11, 2009

Third Line Creating Some Buzz

Dmitry Chesnokov at the Washington Capitals Examiner recently sat down with both Artem Anisimove and Enver Lisin after the Rangers victory over the Capitals. Here is an exerpt...

Despite spending very little time on the ice, your checking line still created quite a buzz and even created a goal for Kotalik.

LISIN: It just so happened that we had a lot of penalties. The coach does trust us, but we don’t really play on special teams. We don’t play a lot, but we don’t get upset over it. Our line even scored a goal tonight!

ANISIMOV: I played on power play a little bit in pre-season games. Not anymore though. Sometimes in practice Enver and I switch places on power play units. But we haven’t had a chance to be on the ice on power play in the regular season yet. Actually, just once. It was against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

...what in the word is this guy Chesnokov talking about? Our third line is not a checking line. At least I don't think they are.

...i liked the way the third line played in Washington, unfortunately I don't see that line staying together past today's game with the return of Avery.

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