Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Right Way is the Torts Way

Craig Custance at The Sporting News has a piece on John Tortorella tearing down his players physically and mentally, and then building them back into what he wants...

"On Monday night, Tortorella's mission to mold the Rangers into a mentally tough hockey team took its most public form yet. His team came out sluggish against the New Jersey Devils and Tortorella later said he was shocked. He especially didn't like the way the Rangers were outplayed in their own zone.

So, 84 seconds into the game, Tortorella used his one and only timeout -- and he lit into the Rangers."

On Tortorella's way, Chris Drury notes...

"If you're mentally weak, you're probably not in this room," Drury told Sporting News. "He stresses that. He puts your body in position that if you are mentally weak, you're going to have some trouble."

...Tortorella is exactly what the Rangers franchise needed. Someone who won't bow down to superstar players who come to the Rangers only for the big pay day.

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