Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rangers Don't Watch Banner Raising Ceremony

After originally stating he was going to make the Rangers watch the Penguins banner raising ceremony, John Tortorella tells Steve Zipay at Blue Notes why he changed his mind...

“It was so long and I don’t think Pittsburgh wanted us out there,” he said. “They wanted their own little party. We talked about it at lunch. I didn’t realize it was gonna be so long---40 minutes. We weren’t trying to disrespect anything, I wanted to have the kids see some of that but it was just too long, and I kind of think they pushed us out of the way, they weren’t too interested in us being there anyway. I wouldn’t either.” would have been nice for the team to see the ceremony for motivation purposes, but there was also no need for them to sit on the visitors bench for 40 minutes. Good call by Torts.

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