Monday, October 12, 2009

Rangers 7, Maple Leafs 2

The New York Rangers (5-1-0) defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs (0-4-1) by the score of 7-2, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and much for a trap game. Love the balance scoring and maximum effort from start to finish. Can't ask for any more if you're a Ranger fan right now.

...nice to so Girardi summon his inner Brian Leetch. For a guy who had a tough camp he's really turned it around in the regular season.

...Avery is really showing his versatility as last night he played the agitator role to perfection, now tonight he's a goal scorer.

...tonight may have been the first paycheck Redden actually earned.

...i know he's not with the Islanders anymore, but man do I hate Jason Blake.

...just watching Toronto's dismal goaltending should make every Ranger fan appreciate Lundqvist just a little bit more.

...great fight between Brashear and Orr, big time blows thrown. Thought Brashear came out on top. Barely. think Gaborik is playing with a chip on his shoulder? The guy is diving to score goals.

...i think Prospal gets more excited than the fans when the Rangers score. Love it!!!

...anyone think Tortorella's conditioning regimen isn't important? The Rangers have outscored their opponents 12-3 in the third period this year. tomorrow then the Kings in town on Wednesday.


Evan S said...

if this is whats in store for the rangers this year, I am going to have a stupid grin across my face all year. Great game, I can't wait for months of this action so we can shut up the "experts" who pegged the team to miss the playoffs. I know we got to a hot start last year as well, but we played thru smoke and mirrors last year, where the powerplay wasn't performing and it was hidden amongst the other good things happening, not this year though....

James said...

Who was wearing Redden's jersey tonight? Whoever it was played a calm, composed game, made good outlet passes, and got good low shots on net--and scored three points! Holy sh*t...

I never thought I'd see the day.

Jack said...

I know the scoreboard rules in the end, but what was with letting Lundqvist get run into excessively during and after the whistle? Avery one after one D bag but it looked scary for a minute. Another great game. I was going to say Druy was super quiet but he racked up the score card.

!JustDance said...

I just want to let you all know that it sucks living in St. Louis being a Ranger fan with little income. I live my life through freaking replays and Versus (may god shield me from that evil).

Go Rangers!!!