Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rangers 4, Kings 2

The New York Rangers (6-1-0) defeated the Los Angeles Kings (4-2-0) by the score of 4-2, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...hey not every win can be a Picasso. But that's a nice win against a tough, young Kings team.

...first time this year that Lundqvist had to bail the Rangers out. The rebound save he made in the first period tonight was ridonkulous. See here.

...i admit I was wrong, the Rangers have not missed Blair Betts. The penalty kill has not missed a beat and Boyle has been excellent as the fourth line center.

...Gaborik is a sniper in every sense of the word. And talk about clutch. All six of his goals have been scored in the third period.

...nice to see Voros using his face as a punching bag again.

...while everyone will talk about Del Zotto's nice low shot on Prospal's power play goal, the more impressive play was a minute before that when he out-skated the Kings defender on the dump in to give the Rangers control of the puck in LA's zone.

...were Avery and Anisimov in the line-up tonight?

...after seeing Lundqvist taking a beating these last two games, it might be time to bring in a Jeff Beukeboom clone as the seventh defenseman. the next two days then on to Toronto.


Damn Mongolian said...

Got a break not having to face Quick tonight but we'll take the 2 pts

Gaborik was offsides on his goal

Avery looked like he was dozing off on the bench

Lundqvist won't last the season at the rate ppl are crashing into him

NYRFan said...

The Rangers won man, cheer up.

Jack said...

lol @ "...nice to see Voros using his face as a punching bag again."

Watched the Rangers in 60. Like, damn. Another good game.

James said...

Damn Mongolian: Gaborik had control of the puck well before he entered the zone. He wasn't offsides.

scchask said...

A lot of PK limited Avery & Anisimov's shifts.

If crashing the goalie is part of the game, why don't I see it happening in other games? - Torts -do something!

William said...

Dave Lozo of apparently thinks Gaborik is from Finland.

William said...

to dave mongolian. Quick's stats aren't all that impressive btw. He's got a few wins, but his save percentage is under .900