Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rangers 4, Capitals 3

The New York Rangers (3-1-0) defeated the Washington Capitals (2-1-1) by the score of 4-3, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...gutsy seemed to be the word thrown around during the post game report so I'll go with it. The Rangers had to overcome so much adversity tonight this could be as defining an early season win as you can get.

...its really nice to finally have a big money player coming up big for the Rangers. Gaborik is not just scoring goals, he's scoring important ones.

...Callahan is an absolute warrior. The guy is questionable then goes out, plays the second-most forward minutes and scores one of the hardest working goals you will see. Not sure how he had any energy left to slide that puck through Theodore.

...Higgins must read this blog, because a few hours after I was critical of him for not showing enough offense he goes out and leads the team with six shots tonight. And not only was he looking to shoot he was creating as well.

...its official that Rozsival can't be out there anymore. Great job by Tortorella benching him for the third period.

...its mind-boggling, at 19, what Del Zotto is doing right now. That pass to Gaborik on the game winner was sick.

...i guess the Rangers don't miss Betts. Great job by the pk killing eight of nine penalties.

...encouraged to finally see the third line clicking. They just made Tortorella's decision on who to sit when Avery comes back that much harder. I still think its Lisin.

...sorry Henrik, but I've got to mention it. What the heck happened? Actually, it was great to see the team bail him out the way he's bailed the team out so many times in his career. know who actually looks solid so far this year? Redden. That's right I said it.

...couple days off until Anaheim visits MSG on Sunday.


fleisch said...

Might be the first time ever I agrre with all of your comments.

While watching another give away from the worst defensmen on the Rangers.... Rozival....I was also thinking how much better Redden has looked...Not a hard thing to do after last season, but he does deserve credit when he does play well. Was so happy to see Torts bench him in the 3rd.

How about Torts going off on Voros for his stupid offensive zone penalty that cost the Rangers the lead.
Finally, I still dont get Lisin...I think it is real easy to put Avery in and send Lisin to the Box. I do see some offensive ability but nothing else. I wouldnt mind sitting Voros either if Lisin must be used on the PP.

Evan S said...

Great game, boy Del Zotto is a monster, if he stays past his 9 games (is there a question?) I'm going to get a Del Zotto Jersey.

Loved the offense swarming, good things to come.

BENCH VOROS, not Lisin, who has speed and skill, which Voros lacks both of. Avery adds an element which they need, Voros should not only be benched but waived also, because we don't need to repeat what happened last year when he was scratched for 35 straight games.

latoursomm said...

Don't know what's sweeter...coming back to beat the Caps, killing all of those penalties, keeping Ovechkin off of the score sheet?

Or not having to watch Rozsival turn over the puck yet again!

Yeah, definitely not playing Rozsival!!!

Jack said...

The camera cut to Rosival and his face was...."duuuhhrrrr." With Tortorella yelling in the background. He sucks, simple as that.

Redden, you're right. He didn't look bad. Solid game.

Gaborik: Damn.
Young guys: Awesome

Imagine this team with Avery causing havoc? Can't wait.