Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ranger Fan Jersey Fouls

In Puck Daddy's jersey foul feature, Greg Wyshynski looks at three potential Ranger fan fouls...

"Booooo! Let's touch on the Devils Suck sweater for a moment. The number is 94, as in 1994, as in the year the Rangers beat the Devils in the conference finals on the Matteau Matteau Matteau goal. This would certainly be a scathing indictment of the Devils ... were it not for the fact that Jersey won three Stanley Cups and made the playoffs in all but one season since '94, of course.

As for the Frankenjersey ... you know, had this been Staal-Whoever-His-Defensive-Partner-Is sweater, maybe it gets a pass. But this combination, while sequentially appropriate, is stupid."

Wyshynski also looks at a female Ranger fan wearing a QT Pi jersey.

...the biggeset jersey foul I've seen at a Rangers game was a Billy Wagner #13 Rangers jersey. No joke.


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ay i just recently bought a jersey and i am missing the rebook tag along the collar and it does not look threaded i was wondering if it is fake or what?