Sunday, October 4, 2009

Prospal to Help Teammates Learn Torts System

Jeff Z. Klein at Slap Shot reports that John Tortorella is looking to Vinny Prospal to explain his system to the Ranger players...

“He understands it; he’s been through it — he knows what we’re trying to do with this system,” Tortorella said of Prospal after the Rangers’ victory. “He knows it’s not just running around, that it’s as much about defensive responsibility as anything else. Vinny’s going to come to be very important, in imparting it to other players. Coaches can’t always be in the room.”

On explaining the system Prospal said...

“Look, it’s not rocket science. Torts explains what to do, and it’s pretty clear — everyone gets it.”

...if Prospal continues with his fast start he could end up being the most under-rated signing this off-season in the NHL.

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