Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gilroy Was Close to Signing with Leafs

Mike Zeisberger at the Toronto Sun reports that the Maple Leafs were a very serious player in the sweepstakes to sign Matt Gilroy last spring when he was a highly-coveted free agent out of Boston University.

Gilroy says, the decision came down to several factors, including the fact he grew up a Rangers fan.

Leafs officials note that money played a significant role as well. The two-year, $3.5 million deal Gilroy received by the Rangers was more guaranteed money than the Leafs were willing to offer.

On signing with the Rangers Gilroy said...

"I couldn't be happier here," Gilroy said. "Playing for John Tortorella, it has been a perfect fit. Playing here at the world's most famous arena too -- I couldn't be happier."

...of course he couldn't be happier. He's playing important minutes for a first place team in New York instead of for a winless Toronto team that is already in panic mode only five games into the season.

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