Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gaborik Proving Naysayers Wrong

Larry Wigge at has a feature on Marian Gaborik proving the sceptics wrong with his hot start to the season...

"A talent like Gaborik in the hands of a Stanley Cup-winning coach like John Tortorella and a team that is faster than any Rangers group we've seen in more than a decade has everyone talking about the player taken third in the 2000 Entry Draft behind only Rick DiPietro and Dany Heatley.

Of all the high-priced pickups by the Rangers over the years, this one is the closest to the acquisition of Mark Messier from Edmonton in 1991. In fact, Gaborik is the first Ranger to post points in his first seven games since Messier did it in 1993-94."

...Gaborik is one of those players, similar to Ovechkin, who you can't wait till he has the puck on his blade so you can see what he does next. I've literally been on the edge of my seat when he has the puck skating up the ice. Being able to watch him every game has been awesome.


Jack said...

Well, the naysayers have been raggin' on his health issues. His natural skill and ability have never been in question.

scchask said...

I think he will hold together unless there is headhunting (Flyers!). But he will not play 82games - I am hoiping for 70. So others must contribute.
And projecting out NYR to contend for Eastern Conference supremacy based on 7 games is way premature. Still a work in progress - enjoy the ride.

NYRFan said...

Scchask, I definitely got ahead of myself there. But hey I'm excited.