Friday, October 9, 2009

Clean Slate for Rozsival

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants reports that John Tortorella said he did not see the need to discuss the benching with Michal Rozsival because it was “self-explanatory.” At the same time, Tortorella said he believed in “clean slates” and did not want to rip the veteran defenseman.

Rozsival's neutral-zone turnover led to a first-period goal last night and was benched after taking a holding call against Chris Clark at 6:45 of the second period.

...hopefully, the benching was a wake-up call for Rozy. He need look no further than Redden to see he can turn things around.


Phil said...

Something has got to give because he has looked absolutely terrible.

James said...

He's been effective--if not spectacular--in the past. Gotta think he's got it in him to return to better form. I hope Torts can coax a more consistent performance from him. He's capable of it, even he doesn't show it of late.