Monday, November 23, 2009

Rangers 7, Blue Jackets 4

The New York Rangers (12-10-1) defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets (12-7-3) by the score of 7-4, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and about an offensive explosion. If the Rangers are going to score like that every game I go to you guys should buy me season tickets.

...loved the team's fight to comeback tonight. Natives were growing real restless when it was 2-0. Not sure if the timeout had anything to do with the resurgence, but it definitely calmed things down.

...poor Higgins. On a night when virtually everyone scores the guy hits the pipe.

...just give Gaborik the Hart Trophy.

...welcome back to the scoring column Sean Avery.

...Gilroy just put himself in the running for a top three spot in the Rangers next shootout.

...i hate to make this comparison, but Del Zotto looked Leetch-like on his goal. it me or is Voros actually getting good at fighting?

...while I should have left tonight's game on Cloud 9. I left with a bad taste in my mouth when the Rangers once again did nothing when their star goaltender got run in the crease. Its gotten to the point where Lundqvist is going to have to take things into his own hands and waffleboard the next guy who runs him in the face. Embarrassing. is Columbus a 12 win team? God their defense is terrible. Although the Rangers defense didn't look that much better. Blue Jackets wide open in the slot all night long.

...hopefully the Blueshirts didn't use up all their goals as they travel to the sunshine state to take on the Panthers Wednesday night.


Fandangle227 said...

i was sitting in 102. i was about to leave when they went down 2-0, but it was a nice turnaround.

Sean Avery 16 said...

Hey i know that if i had the money to sit in 102 i would never leave my seat lol and it was a really entertaining game..when drury comes back i scratch brashear because he doesnt even look like he wants to fight..i think voros loves being a ranger and he will fight if needed.. also parentau is an offensive minded player and i liked that setup for the gilroy break away. so i would definetly scratch brashear.. What do you think?