Monday, November 30, 2009

Cooke Suspended Two Games

TSN reports that Pittsburgh Penguins left-winger Matt Cooke was suspended for two games for a deliberate check to the head area of Artem Anisimov on Saturday night.

Cooke will miss tonight's Rangers-Pens rematch.

...another weak response by the NHL. A 20 gamer would have sent a real message to the league that those types of hit will not be tolerated. the Rangers get a double whammy as they can't get any retribution with Cooke suspended for tonight's game.


fleisch said...

Let someone on the Rangers take a head shot to Crosby or orpik and get pay back that way... It will only cost us 2-3 games....

I really don't believe in that type of hockey, but when your guys are constantly getting head hunted and the NHL is not punishing players properly then you need to take matters into your own hands!!!!

Jack said...

Two-3 games? Yeah right, once a superstar gets head hunted that's when the league will really step in.