Monday, November 30, 2009

Penguins 5, Rangers 2

The New York Rangers (13-13-1) lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins (19-9-0) by the score of 5-2, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...hey at least it wasn't eight goals.

...i thought the Rangers actually played a solid game tonight, but they're just not making the big play when needed. Or they're making the big mistake that costs them. I.E. Rozsival backing in on Rupp's second goal instead of stepping up.

...Gaborik is only 25 games into his Rangers career and I think he's already my favorite all-time Ranger. Not just because he can score at will, but he's not afraid to go to the net and get dirty. I loved seeing him mix it up with Crosby tonight. think Avery looked comfortable on the first line? Too bad it took Torts so long to figure that one out.

...nice to see Higgins finally bury one.

...Henrik, I've got three word for you: high, glove, side. Figure it out.

...i guess Drury and Callahan don't want to play in the Olympics.

...a hat trick by Mike Rupp?!?!?!? Isn't this the same guy Orr used to beat the crap out of when he was on the Devils?

...18 goals in the three games since Redden went down. Maybe the veteran Mathieu Dandenault was the better guy to bring up.

...with the loss the Rangers are officially a .500 team. Feels like they're a lot worse.

...the Rangers are off until Saturday when they head up to Buffalo. I'd like to see Torts really shake things up a bit by maybe sitting Callahan on Saturday.


Ryan Taussig said...

Higgins bury one? I wish! Gabby had both goals. Or were you being sarcastic?

Jack said...

After Gaborik look at the goals-by-player stat.

NYRFan said...

I was being sarcastic as the Pens fourth goal deflected off him and went in.

theking said...

I like how you say sit Callahan cause I agree he has not done anything this year. I just want to say all you haters that didnt want Zherdev, you are clowns! I knew Dubi and Callahan couldnt help this team win. The Rangers shouldnt have signed Dubi nor Callahan and just gave Zherdev the money. Zherdev makes Callahan look like he cant even skate. In all honesty Callahan is one of the sloppiest skaters. Ugly stride looks like he runs on the ice. Yeah I agree Zherdev and his agent were unreasonable but the money we wasted on Dubi and Calli is silly. I couldnt imagine Zherdev with Gabby oh my. A lot of fans thought Z was this monster goal scorer the guy was more of a wizard with the puck and could have set up Gabby all day. Fuck the Rangers and fuck Sather.

Nicholas said...

Sit cally? You're crazy. The fact is cally is more of a 3rd line player that happened to find 20+ goals last season. He is a solid two-way that can bring energy to the team and is not a liability in the defensive zone like zherdev was. I guess slats was banking on dubie, higgy, or cally putting up 25-30 gs this season to back up gabs but like always he lives in fantasy world. The main problem for the rags is rozival's defensive zone liability and the ranger's need for a hard hitting shut down defensemen plus a playmaking center

James said...

Cally should sit. He's one of my faves, but he needs to figure out his game. He's not the same player as last season (or even the season before).

Jack said...

Antropov has more points than every Ranger except Gaborik and Prospal.

I'm not bailing on this team yet but don't forget Zherdev never back-checked, though he was a better skater than most of the guys on this team.

Sean Avery 16 said...

Yet another game for this team to piss all ranger fans off...i thought we were supposed to be a high scoring OFFENSIVE team...we have no one that can put the puck in the net besides Gaborik and Prospal sometimes. i really do like the prospal signing, its good to see how excited he gets after a goal.. i knew avery should have been on the first line all season. as of this team i dont think were gunna make the playoffs. glen sather you really suck. let messier run the team

William said...

higgins is an effing joke of a player.

CubanC said...

- Can't let Rupp score 1, let alone 3. This guy blows all kinds of balls.
- Roszival has proven once again that he does not belong on the ice. He is not a capable NHL defenseman or at least not a capable top 2 pair. Maybe a 6th or 7th defenseman.
- I am resigned to the fact that nothing will ever be called on Crosby. He could punch a linesman in the face and the ref would just call it an accident and let it slide.
- Yea, Higgins can't score. Drury... well, I don't even want to start with him. Callahan proving to be just a hustling 3rd liner, nothing more. But let's point some fingers at Torts. He's been making some pretty terrible decisions lately. I'd love for him to stick with a couple of lines for a change. It's not like his constant changes have manifested themselves into wins. Can't get much worse by letting some of these lines stick together at try to mesh.
- If not for Gaborik the Rangers wouldn't be worth watching. Too bad they're wasting a truly special season from a truly gifted player.

Sean Avery 16 said...

What a joke this teams turning out to be..Trade Roszival and higgins for Lecavelier...Or even add a pick to that trade just to get rid of them two and get a true number one center