Saturday, November 28, 2009

Penguins 8, Rangers 3

The New York Rangers (13-12-1) lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins (18-9-0) by the score of 8-3, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...if last night was the worst loss of the season, tonight was the most embarrassing. The Rangers looked like an AHL team out there from the coach right on down the line.

...does Torts even have a strategy for this team anymore? The lines change every shift, nobody seems to know what's going on and the fourth line doesn't even play together. What is going on?

...and speaking of what is going on. Why in the world did Lisin not step on the ice tonight? If Torts wanted him to watch the game, dress Boyle and have Lisin sit in the press box. Mind boggling.

...i never realized how much Redden meant to this team defensively.

...the Rangers officially need to find a new back-up goaltender because Valiquette is just not cutting it.

...hold off on those Del Zotto for Calder talks after a -5 tonight. Yikes.

...only 10 minutes of ice time for Sanguinetti, while the rest of the defense has to log over 20. Nice job giving the kid a chance Torts.

...on a positive note, how nice was Staal's goal?

...since I'm bitching, will Bettman do something about these headshots. Another cheap shot to the head of a Ranger player tonight and only a two-minute penalty called. If the NHL isn't going to hand out long term suspensions for this kind of thuggery it will continue to be a part of the game. And to top it off, the linesman jumps in when Brashear decides to pound on Cooke. Disgusting.

...another beating awaits the Rangers Monday night when the Penguins come to MSG.


Evan S said...

This game proves something is seriously wrong with the team. I'm not sure if its the injuries or something more serious. If its a matter of getting healthy and righting the ship, than the rangers should be somewhat better as time rolls on, therefore, maybe judgement should be reserved for when the lineup is fully healthy. That being said, I think this team needs something, something that they might not be able to get through a trade, most likely thanks to their cap situation. P.S. with all due respect to Vally, does anyone else here think Sather has begun the search for a new backup goalie? How 'bout Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson?

Jack said...

Johnson from pre-season? Dude looked like a robot. I'm a fan of his. Vally's rebounds go for miles, though he dad make a bunch of great saves. Roszival sucks.

That goal with 0.0x time left was so looked dumb lazy.

Did you see Voros get manhandled by Crosby at that face off? Dusted.

Jack said...


William said...

Johnson is definitly the answer. He looked really good in Pre-Season
My brother said this to me before the game "You might as well count this one as a loss, Valiquette is in tonight..."

fleisch said...

While Valli is awful, he is not the only reason this team sucks and lost last night!!!

The problem is the coach and the GM!!

2 things said during the game last night that was scary....
1st by Sam and Joe, when Torts was asked what his plans were with the lines specifically the 4th line without a center....ANSWER--I dont have one.

2nd, when torts was asked during post game why lisin dressed and didnt play was...if I had another player to dress then i would have sat lisin....

What does that say about the depth of this team!!! Sather has killed us with the Redden and Rozival signings and has no room to maneuver, not to mention there is apparantly no talent to call up from HArtford....Nice job Glen!!!

This team is going nowhere fast....

On the plus side, at least they seemed like they wanted to stick up for one another....

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who was shocked that Rosie scored? I still say we need to trade him though.

Sean Avery 16 said...

Ok for one, this team is pissing me off. All day i look forward to watch this team and for what??? To get spanked night after night. Were getting no offensive support from forwards besides Gaborik and Prospal. Yesterday 3 defenseman scored.. Roszival is such a waste of cap space.. And i dont understand why Sanguinetti is up and Dandenault isnt. Now what is tortorella trying to prove by dressing lisin and not playing him. If you wanted to do that atleast scratch lisn and dress boyle to take some faceoffs as the 4th line center. Im glad the guys stook up for Anisimov. This team needs a quick reality check or where not gonna see them in the playoffs this season.. Lets see if we can pull a win out on monday. Kevin wat do you think is going on with this team?

chris said...

what a bunch of pansies out there. that was aweful.
Lisin - useless
Boyle - useless
Brashear- useless
Actually the entire team is useless right now except for DelZotto Prospal, Gaborik and Henrik - they're the only ones showing up and playing hard every shift. who's our captain? -oh yeah Drury....useless sigh

tonight we see a rumble even without cooke in the line up. it'll be a fun 1st period to watch but we'll loose again tonight because we'll spend 1/2 the game in the box and, as always against Pittsburgh, we'll get killed shorthanded.