Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fixing the Rangers

Larry Brooks at the New York Post says the Rangers are a much too easy team to play against...

"Tortorella is the personification of passion behind the bench, but that isn't transferring onto the ice. This is not about the Rangers' lack of prime-time parts, but instead about a tough-talking coach who doesn't seem to demand that his players stand up for one another. It's bizarre."

...there's been two main complaints from Ranger fans over the years. Not developing talent and not having a bruising blueliner. They've taken care of developing youth this year, but the toughness is just not there. As Brooks points out, if the Ranger brought Brashear in here for that role, why is he only getting four minutes a game. Oh yeah, because he sux. Two years ago they had the chance to bring in a Brooks Orpik. They would have had to overpay to get him to sign, but instead they held out to grossly overpay Redden and Rozsival.

Speaking of Rozsival, here's Brooks take on what the Rangers should do with him...

"Rozsival is chewing up nearly $26,000 a day on his annual $5M cap hit. Deleting him by the end of the month via trade or demotion would clear an additional $3.4M of space that increases proportionately with the season.

Moving Rozsival this month would allow the Rangers to be in the market for pretty much anyone who becomes available. Including, perhaps, a player who will look out for his teammates."

...i'm in.


rusty said...

Rosival has been lost without Jagr on the team. For 3 years he was almost always on the ice with Jags and played the puck to him frequently. He also got a lot of room at the point as opponants sank in to surround Jags. Last year, his first without Jaromir, was revealing as to how bad Rosy played. This year has been a little better but not much.

lestat84nyc said...

Trade him already!