Friday, November 7, 2008

Avery Testing Stars' Patience

Maybe Sean Avery was a distraction in the locker room last year. Check out these quotes from Mike Modano and Stars coach Dave Tippett on Avery and fellow agitator Steve Ott's play after a recent 5-1 loss to the Boston Bruins in which the two players helped create a breakdown of discipline that led to three third-period Boston goals when they jawed with officials and fans and drew 10-minute misconduct penalties. ...

From Mike Heika at The Dallas Morning News:

After the game, veteran Mike Modano called the approach "idiotic and stupid," saying the team needs to worry less about agitating the opponent and more about winning the game.

"Energy that is just reckless and in the abyss doesn't do much," Tippett said.

...despite still being missed, i don't hear many Ranger fans, myself included, talking about how great the Rangers record was with Avery in the line-up anymore.

...i also don't get the sense that many Ranger players are wishing he was back. However it does looks like Modano would be willing to send Avery back if they wanted him.


HockeyRiz said...

At first I thought the Rangers not signing Avery was a mistake. But after seeing the Rangers pick up Voros and Orr changing his game a little I am happy he is not on the team.

Jack said...

Yeah, I don's miss Avery really at all and I have no idea how Modano let him be on the team.