Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rumors: Sather to Step Aside for Burke?

When Anaheim Ducks GM Brian Burke decided to step down, most hockey pundits felt he was headed to Toronto. But Scott Burnside at ESPN looks at other possible destinations...

"A source familiar with the principals told on Wednesday that he thinks longtime manager Sather might be looking to step aside as GM of the Rangers. Sather and Burke are close friends and just returned from a hunting trip before the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremonies they attended Monday night in Toronto...

...Although many point to Toronto as the mecca of hockey markets, the Rangers and New York represent a distinct destination for a person such as Burke."

...thanks to reader king byrne for the heads-up.

...if this rumor came out pre-lockout, I don't think there is a Ranger fan in the world who wouldn't have signed up for this. However, a lot has changed in the last three plus years and Sather's stock has risen mightily through great drafting and savvy free agent signings. Three straight years of being in the playoffs didn't hurt either.

...but if Sather is ready to ride off into the sunset, I'm not going to beg him to come back. Especially if Burke, whose resume includes reviving the Vancouver franchise and winning a Stanley Cup title in Anaheim, is waiting to take the job.

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