Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bruins 1, Rangers 0

The New York Rangers (40-30-9) lost to the Boston Bruins (51-17-10) by the score of 1-0. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports.

...missed the game yesterday, so I don't have much incite. But I said last week that the Tortorella/Avery bounce may be over and unfortunately, I think I was right. They are 1-3-1 in their last five and are looking more and more like the Rangers team under Tom Renney. No offense and no power play. that begs the question who's fault is this? I killed Perry Pearn for the power play not working, he's not here so now who do we blame? The Players? Tortorella? At the end of the day the players aren't getting it done. With Montreal winning again last night it looks like eighth place or bust for the Rangers. These guys have three games to show Ranger fans what they're made of. today and tomorrow, then the Canadiens in town.


Andrew_794 said...

i say we blame sather for the redden signing...i cant count the number of times hes been skated around this year...what sather shoulda done in short...

sign jagr with the 6 million for 1/2 years, which means we wouldnt have traded for zherdev, which means we would have still have tyutin

Jack said...

I was hesitant about selling my tickets for the Montreal game but now I'm feelin' that it'd just be too painful to watch.