Monday, April 20, 2009

Thunder Sticks & Virtual Ads

Eric at 5-Hole reports that the Rangers have ditched the rally towels and will be going with "Thunder Sticks" tonight...

"I guess the poor economy has finally hit the Rangers. For the past three years, the Rangers have given away rally towels to all fans in attendance for the playoffs. This year they have decided that screen printing 40,000 towels is out of their price range so they decided to buy 20,000 pairs of thunder sticks instead."

...i thought the "Thunder Sticks" went out with the Rally Monkey. This really is not necessary and makes the Rangers organization look second-rate.

Meanwhile, John Ourland at The Sports Business Journal notes...

"During Rangers home games this week, Game 3 on Monday and Game 4 on Wednesday, MSG will run virtual ads for Cablevision’s iO digital service during the first period and for Subway in the third period.

MSG’s sales staff also is expecting to sign an advertiser for the second period."

...did I say second rate I meant third-rate.

...H/T to Puck Daddy for the links.

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Do said...

I would like to say that this is so annoying! Watching the game on TV last night was the pits, and not just because the Rangers lost! It was so frustrating to watch with the house lights off and those stupid ads up on the glass! I hated it.