Sunday, April 26, 2009

Capitals 5, Rangers 3 (Tied 3-3)

The New York Rangers lost to the Washington Capitals by the score of 5-3, today and the series is now tied at 3-3 in their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal match-up. For a recap and box score go to Yah00! Sports.

...thankfully it was such a nice day out I was able stop watching another dreadful game and enjoy myself. I only really watched the first period, which was more than enough. the last three years Colton Orr has been a healthy scratch twice and both times the Rangers paid for it. The first one was two years ago when Renney sat Orr for an afternoon game against the Flyers and Philly came out like the old Broad Street Bullies and pounded the Rangers from one end of the ice to the other. Today was the other and I think you all saw what happened. Now I don't want to overstate Orr's importance to the Rangers, but when the opponent has a player like Brashear in the line-up Orr has to be an automatic.

...and by the way how did both refs miss that? the last two games Lundqvist has gone from stealing this series for the Rangers to losing it for them.

...another negative to sitting Avery last game was he came out very tentative today. And a tentative Avery is an ineffective Avery.

...was Antropov suspended for today's game also?

...hopefully, the Rangers two goal third period gives them some confidence going into Game 7.

...this series is almost a microcosm of the Rangers entire season. Shoot out of the gate to a 3-1 lead using smoke and mirrors then struggle mightily to score and win games. Hopefully for the Rangers they end the series on the same high note they ended the regular season with.

...Game 7 on Tuesday. Nothing else to say.

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Jack said...

I hope nobody's surprised by the performance so far. It's going as the whole season has. Good point.