Thursday, April 16, 2009

Theodore's Status & Brutal Calls

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants has a couple of quotes from Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau on whether he will come back with Jose Theodore on Saturday...

"I probably do know but I'm not going to share it one way or the other," Boudreau said after the Capitals' practice today. "I think people overreact all the time when something good doesn't happen. I find as a coach not to come in right after a game and blast the players if they had a bad game. I want to sleep on it and get my thoughts properly formulated."

Boudreau added that Theodore was his guy, but did reference that rookie back-up Varlamov has has played in the Russian elite league and World Championships in front of big crowds and would not be starstruck.

Gross also has quotes from John Tortorella regarding the no-call on Mike Green's elbow to Sjostrom's head...

"You've got the Dan Girardi penalty at the beginning of the game and was that a non-call? I believe it was," Tortorella said. "I just don't get it sometimes. I'm not going to play referee. But I've got Dan Girardi's call at the beginning of the game and I've got a non-call there."

Tortorella goes as far as calling the Girardi penalty "a brutal call to open a playoff series."

...i was going to complain about the officiating in my game recap last night but we won so I decided against it.


Jack said...

This goalie business is such a psyche-out, I love it.

Anyone else here find the front page takes a while to load because of the embedded game recaps? Maybe it's just my MacBook Pro 1.83 Intel Core Duo.

NYRFan said...

It happens to me as well. I'm thinking about just posting the links from now on.