Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Islanders, Canadiens Likely Destinations for Avery

Eklund at HockeyBuzz reports...

"Sean Avery has two likely destinations. Neither are Manhattan....The NY Islanders and Canadiens are believed to the best bets."

...i can see Avery going to the Canadiens, but I really can't see him wanting to be a second class citizen on the Islanders.

Eklund also mentions that the Rangers are one of six teams Brian Campbell is considering.


Anonymous said...

Proof that eklund is a stupid fucking idiot...Avery to Montreal? It is public knowledge that Avery hates French Canadians. There would be a riot in the streets of Montreal if he went there.

NYRFan said...

True. The reason I could see him going there is the history and prestige of the Canadiens. But you are right about his hatred of french canadiens. Plus Eklund sits in his room and makes 90% of this stuff up.