Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time for Brashear to Earn His Keep

Today's game against the Flyers is one of the reasons the Rangers brought in Donald Brashear. Despite Philly's struggles, they're a tough team that can run the Rangers right out of the building. A story we've all seen before.

Brashear's toughness hasn't materialized for the Rangers and he's become a Blueshirt Faithful wipping boy. But this afternoon he has a real opportunity to finally start earning his money.

I'd love for John Tortorella to send the fourth line out to start the game and Brashear drop the gloves with whoever he is lined-up against to send a message that if the Flyers want to pound on the Rangers they will have to go through him.


Kingfish said...

A staged fight is the wrong way to go. Toughness is another matter and that is where Brashear has to earn his money. He has to forecheck hard (something Orr wasn't fast enough to do), then respond when challenged and at that time, decisively win the fight. This is hockey,not WWF.

fleisch said...

This is Rangers/Flyers whether its at the drop of the puck to start the game. or Brashear's 1st shift in the game, I bet he will be challenged to fight!!!

As far as Forechecking goes and the sppeed it takes to get it done, you must not have watched many games this year because it looks like Brashear is skating with Marek Malik on his back.... At this point Orr is a better skater, fighter, and hockey player then Brashear, who is not none for giving cheapshots!!!