Monday, December 21, 2009

Redden Could Be Headed to AHL (Updated)

Update, 12:22:
Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report has more on the importance of tonight's game for Redden.

Original Post:
In Larry Brooks' article in the New York Post today, he reports that Wade Redden's last chance to impress coach John Tortorella or be sent down to Hartford begins tonight against the Hurricanes., that would be an astonishing move by the Rangers. Through all the bad contracts the team has given out to aging, under-performing players, not once have they admitted a mistake by exiling the player to the AHL. I'd be very impressed.

...also think about the cap room it would open up to make a move at the deadline or sooner.


Chris said...

I'll believe it when I see it.

Jack said...

LOL yeah right. If then send him down? Wow. Crazy because this year he's finally playing "better."

liltedspop said...

forget the AHL send him to the ECHL what a waste of a human being he is that has to be the worst signing in Ranger history hands down!

Bmwrensen said...

pi wouldnt go as far as saying redden is a waste of a human being. thats just mean. but he is a waste of a hockey player. thats just honesty. if torts goes through with this, i will consider it the best christmas ever.
the thing is, even if he plays well tonight, ide bet my bank account it wont last. ive never seen such lack of effort from an nhl player. before hearing news of his screaming match with torts i was convinced he was completely indifferent.

Evan S said...

Redden is the worst signing in history, I'll believe this when I see it though, because Sather rarely will admit he has made mistakes, but it is possible that Torts has cut his final straw with Redden and has had it. Think about all the salary cap room it opens makes me drool.

James said...

I don't think Redden's skills have eroded that much, I just think he's indifferent. Even during his best years, he wasn't athletic, he was just poised and focused. Now, he's got tons of money, a hot wife he just married 1-2 seasons ago, and he plays in a city where he can be anonymous (not like Ottawa, where everyone gave him crap all the time). It's not hard to see why he's not so focused anymore.

I'm with Bmwrensen: even if he plays well tonight, it won't last. As shaky as the Rangers' D is, I say send him down no matter what. He's simply not worth the money and his contract prevents other personnel moves.

As bad as Sather has been with free agents, he's been pretty good on trades. What would he do with all that new-found cap space? Any thoughts? Who is on the block? A decent backup goalie might be a start (someone who can actually push Henrik once in a while)...

Kalle said...

Would the rangers save his whole salary on the cap or what?

James said...

Kalle, I think it's pro-rated, so they drop whatever remaining salary is on the books for the season (50+ games worth). But any salary they take on is also pro-rated, so it's basically a wash with regard to personnel.

James said...

I'm supposed to be studying for a final… Well f**k that, I'd rather muse on the Rangers.

I generally hate BS trade conjecture, but the potential cap space opened up by potentially eliminating Redden has my head spinning. As I see it, if Redden goes down to Hartford, that leaves the Rangers with enough space to accommodate almost anyone for the remainder of this season. Here's some thoughts:

- Vinny's not having a killer season and TB is clearly rebuilding behind Stamkos.
- He's a season removed from 40 goals and two seasons from 50+. He'd be the best center threat the Rangers have had in a looong time.
- Seeing as TB is rebuilding, I bet they'd take a package built around Duby and Sangs to be free of Vinny's contract (also adding an additional $1-2mil in in cap relief for Rangers).
- I'm guessing Vinny would waive his no-trade to come to NYC and be re-united with Torts (not because they're close, but because he played his best hockey under Torts)
- Vinny's 29 years old and his cap hit is $7.2mil per season (through 2020). That's less than $15mil for a solid duo of Gabby and Vinny for the foreseeable future. I'd guess a combined 80 goals per season for 3-4 years is reasonable.

ILYA KOVALCHUK - Here's why:
- I think the consensus is that IK is not going to resign with Atlanta. Can you blame him?
- He's incredible. Like Gabby, he can score from anywhere and he can do it on his own, he doesn't need exceptional line mates.
- Not sure if he's worth trading for as I'm betting he'll be a FA this summer, but perhaps a taste of NY this season will entice him to sign long-term?
- He's apparently looking for $11mil/per. The Rangers could sign him to one of those shady long term deals enabling them to meet his annual price while reducing his cap hit to something in the $8mill range. They could accommodate the hit with minor salary moves (ie; waive Voros)
- Obviously I don't know IK, but there aren't many Russians opposed to playing in NY--a big city with a large Russian community.
- This would give the Rangers one hell of a duo for a long time, maybe 90-100 goals for 5+ years. A cap hit of around $15-16mil is not bad compared to Pitt's $17.4mil/per for Cindy and Malkin.
- The big question mark here is whether the NHL somehow squelches these shady long term deals (Bettman and co hate them)

Backup Goaltenders:
- MARTY BIRON will be dealt from fishsticks, but probably not until the deadline when it's too late for the Rangers to need him. Plus, I doubt the division rivals would do business. JAROSLAV HALAK is rumored to be available from Montreal. He's capable and could be a viable backup. CURTIS JOSEPH is apparently still holding out for a deal and would probably cost almost nothing. My guess is he's just good enough to play backup for another half-season or so. He might be a good stopgap until a kid can take over (Johnson?). DAN CLOUTIER is toiling in obscurity. He's not a great goalie, but he's better than Vally and he's a feisty little bastard.

There doesn't seem to be much defensive help on the block, but I'd love to see this team pick up an unspectacular, reliable dman on the cheap. But who? Where?

Jack said...

It's insane thinking about what the possibilities are based on letting Dreddin' go.

Bmwrensen said...

the whole thing makes me dizzy. im admitting a bit of ignorance here on the business side of things, but i find it hard to believe the money isnt there to just eat redden's salary. just own up to the mistake and move on.
i feel a good back up goalie would be a great thing to obtain, although we all know the team needs scoring. im a big supporter of a highly skilled duo. its almost essential to be a true contender these days.

realmnyc said...

I agree with you James. I think we should let this johnson kid at least get a game before we worry about a back up though right? Goalies usually come out of nowhere. I hope Dubinksy never leaves. He's a future captain in my opinion. Once he finds that scoring touch I think he will be cemented as the #1 center unless they brought in a Lecavalier. Is it me or does this team not want to fight? I think if they dropped the gloves more maybe people would wake up and get emotions going early on in the game. Just seems weird when you play like shit and no one goes out and challenges anyone. It's exciting to think of Redden going to Hartford. I think his time is done because our coach doesn't hide his feelings. I love Torts. I know its frustrating when hes always changing lines but the guy is working with not alot. I was going to go to the game here in Raleigh tonight but everytime I go they lose so I stayed home for a victory hopefully. Or I'm going to then ext one. haha