Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sather May Be Fired Today Insider reports that Glen Sather may be fired today. I don't subscribe so I can't pass along the story.

...h/t to reader James, who says that the decision will be based on tonight's performance against the Isles.

...i just don't understand how Sather's entire terrible resume with the Rangers can somehow be wiped away with a win tonight against the Islanders. Fire him now!!!


Joseph said...

For the First time in my life I want The Islanders To win.

Lets Go Islander!
Oh that hurts!

Rob Abruzzese said...

He should have been fired years ago. If they win tonight and he is spared that would be tragic. How could one meaningless win spare him? I'm rooting for the Islanders big time tonight!

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Jean Ratelle said...

It's long past time to dump Sather. Aside from Gaborik and Lundqvist, the Rangers are a team full of role players. Sather blew it when he signed Redden and resigned Rozsival. Both players are absolutely useless. He should have kept Gomez and dumped Drury. The kiddie korps of Staal, Girardi, and Del Zotto are fine, but the rest of the defense should be monsters like Beck, Huber, and Beukeboom were. The Rangers have gotten away from the big defensemen philosophy that earned them respect in the '80s after getting pushed around during the '70s. Nobody clears the front of the net or plays the body. Nobody keeps their sticks on the ice either, so opponents make plays through lanes with impunity. Sather lost his touch for evaluating chemistry a long time ago, if he ever had it. Maybe the Oilers were just a happy accident for him.

JG3 said...

haha anything it takes to get rid of Sather I support!

CubsJetsKnicksRangersIrootforMisery said...

PLz if we win jus fire the senile fool anyways its not the 80s dynasty he built nemore the man Chris Drury is a career above avg. player at best and yet he goes on gives him 7 Million for 6 yrs!??!?! Everyone in the league and their mother knew Wade Redden was broken merchandise when we became a free agent 2 yrs ago AT BEST a 3Million Dollar player (only bcus of wht he prevously accomplished) yet Sather drops 6 million for what 5 yrs?!?!?! Did you know Sather is the longest tenured GM in the league man I really hope for once in his life Jim Dolan does the smart thing its pretty blatant whose to blame for this ineptitude.
If that does not push my point across lets run down the list of Garbage Players Sather decided to overpay in him time here Eric "Seeing Stars" Lindross, the twin crappers Jan Hlavec and Radek Dvorak, a 1 legged Pavel Bure,Vladimir Malakov,Stephan Quintal,Kevin Hatcher,DARIOUS KASPARATIS OMG, DRAFTING Jamie Lundmark instead of Parise,Getzlaf and dozen other great players that are on the ice now,and lets never forget Bobby Holik waste of space.
I'l stop now before my head explodes with anger but i certainly hope this gets my point across.I could care less if we win the next 10 straight games cut the cancer out before it consumes the franchise and this cancer is Glen Sather im sorry Glen you were the man back in Edmonton but Edmonton's last Glory days took place almost 20 years ago (btw he also was responsible for trading Gretzky from Edmonton) please end this madness.

brian said...

damn you! i can't focus at work now cause i'm too damn excited to root for the isles tonight!

Hank said...

Oh my god - Someone just described Willie Huber as a monster on defense. L-O-F-L.

Jukasa said...

Im a fucking Islanders fan now. D:

g0 moulson

I hope Lundy realises his duty to allow as many soft goals as possible tonight.

liltedspop said...

this just goes to show the ineptitude within the Rangers ownership if this is true & god please I pray it is, it proves once again that the Dolan's are totally clueless, what their saying is if we win tonight Sather's safe. This guy should have been fired 5 years ago.