Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flyers 6, Rangers 0

The New York Rangers (18-17-4) lost to the Philadelphia Flyers (19-18-2) by the score of 6-0, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and, and I thought the effort against the Islanders two weeks ago was the worst since the lock-out. This game trumps that one by ten fold. Can Torts send the whole team to the press box tomorrow and call up the entire Wolf Pack team? Now that would send a message.

...that could have been one of the worst all-time defensive performances. It was like the Rangers were playing man down. Flyer players were routinely open or given two on ones like they were going through drills in practice.

...i knew Prospal was important to the team, but I didn't realize it was this much.

...welcome to the NHL Chad Johnson. Actually, thought the kid held his own after a shaky start.

...once again with the game slipping away, the Rangers so-called game changer Brashear is no where to be found. I guarantee you Orr finds someone to fight with in an effort to flip the momentum.

...Boyle over Betts. Nice decision Slats.

...FIRE SATHER!!! Since I wasn't at the game, there's my contribution.

...right back at it tomorrow to hopefully end the year on a good note in Carolina.


Evan S said...

with fairness to the team, the score of this game could have easily been 6-4, but Leighton was bailed out by the crossbar 3 times and other players 3 times, if the rangers didn't have terrible luck they could have buried some of those.

jayare said...

The team cant score, they have a swiss cheese defense and they are soft. Thats not a good combination.
Torts should get a lot of blame too along with that moron Sather. Because a lot of these players Sather brought in were because Torts thought they could fit his system better (Kotalik, Brashear, Lisin) etc etc.

Brashear is useless he doesn't even fight anymore or play physical the rangers should call up Byers from Hartford and get rid of Brashear. Byers will play hard.

And Torts ruined Avery. He gets on Avery when he takes penalties and he gets on Avery when he doesn't play with an "edge". He never really appreciated Avery's game. Avery would energize the team and the entire garden back when Renny was the coach.

Avery and Callahan were the only two rangers that even attempted to hit a flyer. I love Dubinsky but he had a real bad game too.

(Hank, Gaborik, Staal, Dubi, Cally, Girardi, Del Zotto, Anisimov & Avery) are the only rangers I would keep on the team next year.

jayare said...

And one more thing I felt bad for Chad Johnson. What a crappy way to get into your first nhl game.

I thought he made some nice saves especially in the 2nd. He robbed Gagne with his glove that was a great save. But he had no chance tonight the defense was invisible.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Other than a handful of players, this team is a disgrace.

so fitting to see betts play a hard shift and get a goal right away, im so glad we let him go so we can have boyle, a not-even-NHL caliber player.

Brashear is finished, assuming he ever wasn't. really pathetic, watching him skate the perimeter for a few 20 or 30 seconds and then get off.

then there are the "two" forwards we have in several forms. Lets call the first one callydubhiggins. the guy that plays with enthusiasm but is really just a 4th liner that cant score, or even hit the net. see Manny Malhotra, jamie lundmark, etc. the other one is kotalisinamov. this is the guy that has skill with the puck but also cant score. see korpikoski, prucha, etc.

part of the problem is also the fans, tortorella and that goon micheletti highlighting the "positives" and making excuses for a game/team like this.

like evan s above who says the score couldve been 6-4? did you watch the game? the rangers had NO chances for the first half the game. none.

and then giving chad johnson props for some nice saves? he gave up 2 terrible goals and then it was 5-0 at which point it doesnt matter and you cant assess anything about him.

and tortorella is useless. he ruined avery and now is stuck with useless players with high salaries.

the most consistent ranger is wade redden, noone plays as consistently bad every single night


take away gaborik and they are the worst ranger team ever.


there are plenty of games left too.

the garden used to be a tough place to play, now the opponents come in here and cakewalk thru 60 minutes of men's league crap, being tapped and tapped by redden and roszival and the rest of the soft defense while they are able to walk in close and do what they want.


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Just a really bad, bad game.