Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rangers 4, Panthers 1

The New York Rangers (18-16-3) defeated the Florida Panthers (16-16-7) by the score of 4-1, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...Tortorella has taken a lot of heat on this blog (constant line changes, messing with rookies heads, etc.) by I've got to give credit where credit is due. His putting the players on notice after one of the worst post-lockout losses (Islanders last week) has obviously resonated with the team and inspired them to this four game win streak, which was capped off by a complete effort against a tough team tonight.

...and the one player that has really heeded that message is Drury. Three goals and one assist in the four games since being dropped to the fourth line. It's a shame that the Rangers captain needed a demotion to get him going, but as long as its working I don't care.

...welcome back to the season Vinny Prospal.

...136 saves on the last 141 shots against. Lundqvist is starting to put himself in contention for the Vezina.

...didn't notice Redden tonight. Not sure if that's good or bad for him.

...someone I did notice on defense was Rozsival who reverted back to his terrible self and if Torts is serious about putting players on notice should be in the press box when the Rangers play the Islanders on Saturday.

...despite not scoring I thought Lisin played one of his best games of the season.

...just Avery being Avery tonight and I loved every minute of it. have to wonder if Lundqvist's teammates don't like him the way they refuse to stick up for their goaltender when he gets bumped. I know Ballard didn't knee him in the head on purpose, but I don't care. Somebody please send a message that you're going to pay the price if you hit our goalie.

...two days off for Christmas then Islanders in town.


Evan S said...

This is not the first time the discussion over Lundqvist's popularity has been debated and it won't be the last. Its all a bunch of crud, the problem is the only forward who stands up for team mates is Voros, and he never plays. The only other guy who comes to mind in that conversation is Girardi.

Anyone else think Drury has been excelent since he returned from the concussion, especially in the the last 5 games? Hopfully this won't drop off, but he has run hot and cold often in his career, especially since joining the rangers.

Anonymous said...

Marian Gaborik is hands down the most exciting player I have ever watched night in and out. He almost reminds me of Jagr in the sense that everytime he touches the puck or is on the ice you get the feeling that a goal is coming any second. I can't believe how fast he is after watching him score that shorthanded goal. I remember wishing to get him in NY before free agency and everyone said I was crazy because of his injuries. But this guy is a stud and he appears healthy to me. He doesn't shy away from hitting, being hit or going to the net. Back checks, kills penalties and seems like a team player. Credit to Jacques Lemaire teaching him defensive hockey for us. Good win. Confidence is back it looks like. Dubinsky on the 1st line is awesome. Redden and Rozsival should both sit together in the pressbox. Has a team ever had 11M not in the lineup being a healthy scratch??

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas NYRFAN and all the readers. Best blog ever. Keep me updated on my obsession for the greatest team in the greatest city in the world.

Anonymous said...

exactly what i've been saying about rozsival.... attrocious

fleisch said...

Lets please keep things in perspective...we havent exactly beaten the best teams in the elague the last few games.... While Lundqvist has been outstanding, Vezenia??? seriously!!! I think Fleury nd Mary Brodeur will have a bit to say about that...

With all that being said, you have to win the games that are put on the schedule and that includes the garbage we took care of the last 4 games...We have looked better but Im not ordering my playoff tickets yet>>

Elf McElferson said...

Rozsival is just awful. The best way I can describe his play is "disinterested." what a terrible contract. Redden wasn't stellar either.

Anonymous said...

we havent exactly beaten the best teams in the elague the last few games

RA tard

Name a team we could beat 3 out of 4 times???
ST Louis?? Colombus??? Florida?? Edmonton?? Islanders??? Toronto??


Every fuckin game is a game. This is Hockey. NHL is so equal and competitive. Welcome to 2009 . Detroit may be the worst team right now. Of course BC of injuries but everything is so tight.....