Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Higgins to Top Line; No 7th D-man Coming

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants reports that Chris Higgins will take the injured Vinny Prospals spot on the top line while Ales Kotalik joins the top nine forwards and Erik Christensen is back in the lineup.

...Higgins deserves a shot on the top line after scoring the game winner in OT...oh wait he fanned on the shot and the Islanders won. No idea why the player least likely to score is on a line with Gaborik.

On the Prospal injury Brandon Dubinsky notes...

“It’s tough to replace that guy,” Dubinsky said. “It just means other guys have to step up to fill that void. Hopefully we come ready to play and we’ll be OK.”

Gross also posts that John Tortorella said the Rangers were going to go with who they had on the roster and not recall either a forward or defenseman from Hartford


Chris said...

I know why hes on the top line. They are showcasing him for a trade.

Glen Staher: 'Hey NHL, look at this guy playing with the likes of Marion Gaborik. He must be good! You know you want him!'


Evan S said...

They're playing him because he's the most skilled winger after prospal on the team. He might be someone like Dubinsky; who's play gets better with better players.

Steve Prime said...

higgins may not be scoring goals, but he has played well for a majority of the season. you can't keep a guy like that off the ice, especially when he is a known goal scorer. he'll get the ball rolling, just let it happen and be hopeful for a strong second half. i would prefer a guy like higgins in there who is solid all around over a guy like kotalik who is a liability when he's not scoring.

Evan S said...

Kotalik is a liability when he IS scoring. Although it is fun to watch his bomb from the point.

Chris said...

Steve... while I agree with you that hes played decent all season, he has never reached 30 goals in his career. I wouldnt really consider him a 'known goal scorer'.

Not to mention... hes had many an opportunity on the top line and has not succeeded. What makes you think this time will be any different?

Dont get me wrong... I would LOVE for you to be able to say 'I told you so' after he does well and starts scoring on the top line, but I wont believe it until i see it.

NYRFan said...

I'm with you Chris. He's been given a number of chances with Gaborik and has done nothing.

S.S. DuBois said...

Flyers have been playing well lately - this will be a test for us. they're right behind us in our division. Man I wish we still had Colton for a game like this.

These are the games we need to win decisively not hold on with a 1 goal lead or play to tie.