Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rangers Give Zherdev Qualifying Offer; May Lose Betts

Steve Zipy at Blue Notes reports...

"Rangers president and general manager said a few minutes ago that the Rangers have given qualifying offers to some of their restricted free agents, including Nik Zherdev, but not Fredrik Sjostrom."

Sather adds that the agent for Nik Antropov was overpricing his client.

Zipay also notes...

...the GM said he believed that penalty-killing UFA center Blair Betts could be wooed by Edmonton. He is from Western Canada..."and Tom (Renney) always liked him."

...sorry so lax on the updates today, but the sun is out for the first time in a month on Long Island and I'm not sitting inside blogging all day. I'll have more later on the second day of the draft including the Rangers trading for Kings prospect Brian Boyle.

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Anonymous said...

Sather is an idiot. One of the best things about the past season was the Rangers PK and Betts was the most imporant part of it. If they don't resign Betts the PK is not going to be pretty and might soon stink as bad as the PP.