Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ranger Blogs React to Gomez Trade

Scotty Hockey is stupified that Sather was actually able to get a return for Gomez and his contract.

Mike over at Rangerland.net says Sather is a Jedi for being able to make this move.

The Hockey Rodent says "Good Riddance" to Gomez.

Steve Gelbs at NYRangerscast is scratching his head over Bob Gainey including top prospect Ryan McDonagh, who Gelbs says is now probably the top prospect in the Rangers’ system, in the deal.

Ryan McFadden at The Manic Ranger writes that Ranger fans should be very nervous that Sather has so much freed up salary to play with.

Over at The Rangers Tribune, NYR Blogger says that Gomez must be crushed because he signed with the Rangers to become a New York Legend.

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Bryan said...

Canadians fans are more then upset about this trade... Higgins for Gomez is one thing, but we also got a top 2 (possible top 4) NHL defensive pair prospect... Way to go Sather