Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heatley to Be Traded Tonight?

Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report thinks that the Ottawa Senators will trade Dany Heatley tonight to avoid having to pay him a $4 million bonus. However, he does not think the Rangers, despite opening up cap space with the Scott Gomez trade, will make a play for him...

"Maybe it’s possible the Rangers will reimburse the Senators for the $4 million if they can get a deal done another time. But I think Ottawa will trade Heatley tonight, and now I think he won’t be coming to New York."

...not sure where the Rangers go now, but there are definitely some snipers out there for the taking including Sedin twins, Havlet, Gionta and Afinogenov.


matthew said...

did u realy just say afinogenov

NYRFan said...

I knew I'd get a reaction to Afinogenov. Sure his production is on the decline, but he's probably someone the Rangers could get on the cheap. He definitely has the ability to score. Why not a one year contract for $1.5 million.