Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What Went Wrong in Game 5?

John Dellapina at the Blueshirts Blog tries to answer that question for those of you who can't get over that game yet...

"While sitting here wondering how wild it would have been in the Garden Monday night, I fired up the TiVo and watched Game 5 again.

Not to pour salt in any of your wounds, but…

How did Fedor Tyutin miss that net from point-blank range in the third period?

How differently would we all be talking about Brendan Shanahan right now if his bat-down deflection - a specialty developed playing lacrosse - had simply bounced differently and past Marc-Andre Fleury instead of into him with 2:30 left in the third?

How in the heck did the same referees who missed Ryan Malone’s hard stick smack to Chris Drury’s face somehow detect Drury hitting Malone on the bridge of the nose in the last minute of regulation?..."

...still too depressed to care.

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