Monday, May 26, 2008

Bad News on the Avery Front

Here are two rumors on Sean Avery and the Rangers...

Larry Brooks at The New York Post says...

"No conversations between Glen Sather and Pat Morris, the agent for Sean Avery, since the end of the playoffs, Slap Shots has been told. In other words, Charles Wang, Garth Snow . . . have your cash ready on July 1."

...I don't even want to entertain that scenario.

Eklund at Hockey Buzz notes...

"The Rangers are apparently not interested in what Avery is least at this price. Word is that Avery would like to stay in NY, however, I find the Avery talk interesting in that when Avery arrived in NY last year, like it or not, he was a big reason that the Rangers turned it around and made a serious run."

...I know that Brooks and Eklund are probably the two least reliable sources in hockey, but I still don't like to here these things.

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