Sunday, May 4, 2008

Korpikoski In (I Swear This Time), Avery Out of Hospital

According to Sam Weinman at The Rangers Report...

If Game 4 ended up only as a false alarm, Tom Renney is really giving Lauri Korpikoski the tap for his NHL debut today. That means Colton Orr is out, and the Korpedo will center a line with Fred Sjostrom and Hollweg.

“I know this gives you fond memories of last year, but I don’t care about that,” Renney said. “The bottom line is these young guys are capable of playing and helping us. I felt the same way last year about Nigel and I feel the same way about Lauri. Under the circumstances, we need that kind of help at center ice. It’s just another opportunity to grow another young player.”

...Steve Zipay at Blue Notes says that Strudwick is in for Backman today.

Weinman also reports that Sean Avery was released from St. Vincent’s Medical Center this morning.

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