Friday, August 8, 2008

Avery Disses Rangers' Moves

Craig Custance at the Sporting News had these quotes from Sean Avery...

During the presser, he said that by signing with Dallas he was clearly signing with a better team than the one he left. Later, I asked him point-blank why the Rangers didn't want him back. That's when he started to warm up:

"I don't know," he started. "That's an interesting question. I guess it probably came down to money, probably. That's a tough call. It's an interesting situation because then they turnaround and spend it on guys they shouldn't have spent it on. It's going to be an interesting situation, certainly I'll sit back and watch. New York is a tough place to play. Markus Naslund is going to have a tough time, so is Wade Redden. New York fans aren't going to put up with those guys. I don't think that they're going to live up to the expectations."

He concluded with: "I've gone to a better team."

...thought I'd take a break from my month-long slumber to pass this along. Sounds like sour grapes Sean.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for the post! Damn, Avery, he might have a point about a majority of the Garden getting on the case of Nazzy and Redden if they don't produce—but hopefully they'll find a niche. Bring on Gomer as captain!