Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack....Again

You guys really didn't think I was going to sit on the sidelines for another potential Rangers Stanley Cup run did you?

Yes, I am officially the Brett Farve of New York Rangers bloggers as for the second time in my illustrious blogging career I've decided to put my family and career back on hold, crack open a bottle of Jack and announce yet another comeback in an attempt to offer my unique take on our beloved Blueshirts.

And what better place for a return than where it all began: Blogger. Yep, I've decided to kick it old skool by bringing my talents back to the "blogspot blog" as some of you referred to it as. That's right, Chris Mullen isn't the only person "coming home" this week.

So the big question is why? Whelp, after I left the Rangers blogging game, I felt a huge void was left that hasn't been filled. While blogs such as Blueshirt Banter and Blue Seat Blogs do a tremendous job of bringing you analysis from a numbers perspective, I don't feel there's a true voice of the Rangers fan in the blogosphere.

Rangers Nation deserves a blog that expresses the true and raw emotion of Blueshirt fans on a daily basis. Someone you can all relate to who truly communicates the roller coaster ride that is the New York Rangers. Someone with humility, who is not afraid to admit their analysis was dead wrong and never demeans those Rangers fans with differing opinions no matter how incredulous.

Humor and snark are a huge part of being a Rangers fan and rarely do I find those traits conveyed on the current line-up of Blueshirt Blogs. No Mashinter man crushes. No Poopsalot nicknames. No Sean Avery All Star campaigns. It's all very stale if you ask me.

Former TheNYRBlog writer Adam Herman likes to remind me that the Rangers were 5-4-1 when I decided to hang up my keyboard and have since gone 43-17-4, so there's an inherent risk of me being dubbed a jinx by jumping back into the fray at this point in the season.

But I'm willing to take that chance. While all the above reasons went into my decision to re-open the doors at the New York Rangers Blog, the real reason I did it was because I really missed all of you.

I'm hoping to have my first real post published at around 1pm.

Let's Go Rangers!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is the first comment on this blog. It should be something extraordinary.

Anonymous said...

Happy April Fools Day, KD.

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