Sunday, May 17, 2009

Zherdev Considering KHL

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes says that according to unconfirmed information Nikolai Zherdev could soon move to one of the top clubs of Continental Hockey League.

...maybe Zherdev should consult with Jagr before going over there as things got so bad for Jagr he actually considered returning to the NHL to play for the Edmonton Oilers.


King Byrne said...

I think that this might just be a tactic to get more money out of the Rangers. Zherdev is an RFA, and therefore cannot use other NHL teams as leverage to increase his salary. However, he can use the threat of going to the KHL. A few weeks ago Zherdev said he definitely wanted to stay in the NHL. By saying that, he lost the only leverage he had. He may be trying to get it back now.

There have been a few blog entries about Zherdev on Beyond The Blueshirts, and the author further explains what I was trying to say above:

Jack said...

Good point. Despite being the top scorer on the team (tied with Gomez with 58 points) I could take or leave Zherdev even though he was the most entertaining Ranger to watch.

I take that back, I'd miss him.